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Creation of a shallow wetland area behind the tennis courts

A number of oak saplings were planted in this area but they have been struggling and becoming increasingly smothered in Couch Grass. Grass has been cleared away from the base of approx. 20 of these saplings and mulched put down in an effort to get them re-established. However, this is not ideal Oak tree terrain as it is very wet, so in time it may be better to transfer them into the wooded areas (which appear to have a complete absence of oak saplings) and to replace them with trees that thrive in wet conditions (eg. Willows ,Osier and Alder).

Debris has been removed from the shallow ditch above this area to create a very shallow wetland area. Some Yellow Flag Iris has been transferred in, some reed and Figwort planted on the margins, and the area seeded with a suitable wildflower mix which includes Hemp Agrimony and Purple Loosestrife.

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