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Clearing of fallen wood to allow natural generation of flora

This is a very interesting area of wet woodland containing several species of willow as well as areas of substantial ivy growth providing numerous nesting sites. It also has some well established ground flora including large clumps of Lesser Celandine, Ransoms (Wild Garlic) and Arrums. However, it was criss-crossed by a number of paths, and the path around the periphery was blocked in parts by fallen dead-wood. In order to preserve the central part of this area and to allow natural generation of ground flora and tree saplings, fallen wood has been cleared from the peripheral path, which is now passable and some of the lateral paths blocked with the cuttings.

The fence at the back of the tennis club had collapsed under the weight of a very large clump of ivy, revealing a number of fox earths. As these are unlikely to be used when completely exposed, part of the fence has been rewired and some of the fallen ivy transferred to provide a natural barrier between the wood and tennis courts which will also hopefully encourage the foxes to move back in.

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