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Conservation activities in woodland area south of playing field

This area was cleared of larger trees a number of years ago to allow natural regeneration of saplings and to provide a more diverse under-storey. It had become quite overgrown with brambles which were smothering a lot of the smaller trees – these have now been removed and the fence secured which should allow this copse to develop. There are a number of tree species in this area including Wild Cherry, Elder, Yew, Holly and Hawthorn as well as a few Hornbeam saplings. Another 15 saplings including Hazel, Rowan, Alder Buckthorn and Hawthorn have been planted, and Foxgloves introduced into this area (there don’t appear to be any currently growing in the woods) along with Violets and Ground Ivy. Some small clumps of Wood Anemone and Native Bluebell have also been transferred from other locations (which was a recommended action in the London Ecology Unit`s plan in 1997).

This part of the wood is lacking in diverse ground flora so thee hope is that once these plants establish, they will start to spread into other areas. Finally, a Stag-Beetle Loggery (pyramid form) has been constructed in the north-west corner of this site, with larvae to follow shortly. Following a period of regeneration of a year to 18 months, the aim will be to remove the paling fence to again allow access to this part of the wood.

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