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Winter Woodworking

The sun shone down on the Friends when they gathered in the woods on December 12th for another volunteering day. About two-dozen volunteers, including young children and grandparents, spent the day building deadwood fencing, picking litter, cutting back Hazel and Hornbeam trees to encourage new growth, and planting over 100 new tree saplings. The trees were donated by the Woodland Trust and include Elder, Crab Apple, Hazel, Blackthorn and Dog Rose. All have edible fruits and flowers which can be used in a variety of ways(for example Crab Apple jelly, Elderflower cordial, Rosehip jam & Sloe Gin), providing a very useful additional amenity in the Wood in the years to come.

Working enthusiastically to dig through the somewhat frozen soil, or to hammer in fence posts, the volunteers certainly didn’t feel the cold. CharlesĀ Parkes, who once again planned the day and led the team, made sure even the novices could contribute – teaching how to coppice a tree or weave the felled branches into deadwood fencing that will protect the areas of new saplings until they are fully established. The day was rounded off with warm mince pies in the orchard. Thanks again to everyone who braved the winter weather to lend a hand.

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